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To be, or not to be - To niche, or not to niche.

soul's brand Apr 23, 2024

It is Shakespeare's 460th Birthday today (as I write this - 23rd April). This makes me think of the most famous lines of a play ever written. Hamlet is in an existential crisis...

To Niche or Not to Niche

... that is the Soul's Brand question

, the answer to which might be existential to your business!

Or is it a question? I would argue niching is inevitable; everyone has a niche.

The challenge lies in articulating it compellingly enough to attract and engage others.

Just because it's difficult to put words on it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

My shift from life coaching to brand mentoring is a great example. It helped me fully embrace and express my long-lived career-focused identity, enhancing my ability to deliver real value.

So, niching down aligns us with our strengths and positions us uniquely in the market. AND ... ᯓ★ It’s just one of many concepts I discuss in my work to help us collaborate and stand out, not fit in.

Would reframing the term ‚NICHE‘ to ‚UNIQUE SPACE‘ make it feel more expansive and appealing?

Let’s think of it like this: unstructured „flow“ often leads us back to our conditioned states. True flow, like water, moves best in the context of a UNIQUE SPACE—like a riverbed.

Does that feel aligned?

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